I'm a walker, wild camper, outdoor photographer and passionate advocate for the great outdoors and the benefits enjoyment of it's mountains, valleys and coastline can bring. 
I've recently moved my life North to the Borderlands of the Snowdonia National Park, after living in and walking on the Brecon Beacons for several Years, and I am relishing the new environments and mountains in which to challenge myself, both physically and creatively.
 Over the years I have contributed to, and written for, The Great Outdoors Magazine, and Outdoor Photography Magazine, as having photographs used in a national commercial campaign for Brecon Carreg. As well as having my images featured on a cover and an album cover. 
Photography has been a great escape for me for many years and one I hope to hold on to for some time yet.
 "The Mountains are calling and I must go....." 
Here's a selection of my favourite photographs from outings over the last few years. I hope you find something here, either in photography or my writing, that you can enjoy. Thank you. Grant
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