Chasing the Light…

I had decided that I was going to get up for a sunrise yesterday morning and that I was going to head to Carreg Cennen Castle. It is a magnificent castle in an impressive location, with the commanding and majestic views that you would expect from a Welsh Castle. I’ve been driving passed a particular spot that I wanted to photograph the castle from and the forecast looked favourable for something special this morning!
Unfortunately for me, at 4am , my body had other ideas! It point blank refused to get out of bed when I asked it too.
So I have spent quite a large portion of today a little miserable as a result of my laziness. Fortunately, around 5pm tonight I happened to glance out of my window and see the most amazing skies rolling across the western flanks of the Brecon Beacons National Park, so I grabbed my camera bag and headed out!
And with only one place on my mind – Carreg Cennen Castle above the Village of Trap. One of Wales most loved and supposedly most romantic Castles. What a sight I was greeted with! DSC_1756
After managing the capture the Rainbow against the castle’s hill I decided to head over to Paxtons Tower to try and see the last view moments of the suns light. The most interesting and dramatic skies can often be viewed from Paxton Towers throne in the hills over-looking the Towy Valley. I arrived just as the last slither of sun was going dipping beneath the horizon. A nice calming end to a bit of a frantic hour!


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